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  Burnt Offerings  

  Burnt Offerings  

Burnt Offerings: The Art of Politics and the Consequences of Freedom by Floyd Sours

By Floyd Sours

From author Floyd Sours comes a literary odyssey, a dark yet selfless narrative that returns to the readers a much better understanding of the culture in which they live. Burnt Offerings:The Art of Politics and the Consequences of Freedom is a book not for ideologues, but individual independent thinkers and doers who strive to better understand American culture.

Beginning with a dialogue, this scholarly compendium explores different kinds of freedom and their history. Looking at American politics through the prism of different kinds of freedom gives the reader an entirely new view regarding many political and social problems. Furthermore, the inclusion of the three types of freedom makes problem solving on many other issues potentially solvable as well.

There are other revelations in this book that are worthy of mention, but the central theme lies in the relationship between inequality and equality. Aside from the obvious benefits of freedom and equality, the question of whether they are related to high crime rates, impoverished education, high rates of mental illness, and increasingly poor judgment in government is also discussed. In these discussions, hard statistical data is offered when available. In its absence, logical explanations are presented.

Giving readers an unintended rush from its content, Burnt Offerings:The Art of Politics and the Consequences of Freedom also includes speculation about where America might be headed in the future politically.