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Burnt Offerings Book Review Excerpt

By The Ohio Psychological Association's Reviewer, Dr. Kristine Quallich

"Sours presents to his readers�.a new viewpoint on American politics and American society. It appears that his unique insights into human behavior based upon years of work as a psychologist, combined with his extensive knowledge of historical texts and observations of American society, have resulted in a thought provoking manifesto asking readers to reexamine their analyses of societal issues. Even if readers do not agree with his conclusions, the presentation of a new view on freedom and equality are a refreshing addition to current political rhetoric."

Excerpts from Comments on Facebook and Amazon

By Susan Pey, Attorney "I totally enjoyed reading Burnt Offerings, a candid and thought-provoking book brilliantly written by Floyd Sours. (He writes that) in our world of excessive information, (a process called) blurring develops into a cultural problem and becomes as problematic as excessive rigidity. The result is a growing inability to distinguish good from bad, (that comes from) a sense of blurring that can be likened to cultural psychosis. (This book's author) calls for a pause from our mindless race into the future armed with progress and the cry of freedom. Instead, we should seek out the benefits of the past and give them their rightful place in our society. It feels so good just to set aside moments of stillness in our restless world�and (consider) quiet, positive thoughts...about life and the real world that we want, especially for our juniors who so love a restraint-free world."

�My opinions coincide almost entirely with yours�I found it interesting from cover to cover. I particularly enjoyed...how good things can often portend bad results. Your careful analysis specifies what some of us have felt by the seat of our pants.� Carl Porter, president of Porter-Spaulding Insurance, Inc., Past President, Alaska Republican First House Legislative District and Past President of the Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce (Alaska).

�I find your book very important and original. While reading it, I kept saying,�I know that!� It is a very broad cultural analysis condensed into a nutshell. It is incisive with unrelenting perception. I was very interested in your discussions of blurring. I find that concept very important. Thanks for a great book.� Jim Workman , Retired Psychologist (Zanesville, Ohio).

�I found the author�s style to be enjoyable and more important found his ideas stimulating. The book shed new light regarding the concept of freedom and how our desire for security can cause us to be willing to give it up. I enjoyed the book and encourage others to read it�very thought-provoking.� Todd Weiss , Owner/Manager of Sunshine Processing Solutions and part owner of a fitness franchise (New Jersey).

�Burnt Offerings is a must read. Like the sacrificial offerings defined in Mosaic Law, America must choose its offering carefully or suffer the consequences. A thought-provoking guide to where we have been, where we are and where we are headed.� Terry Rogers , MBA, Business Consultant, (Albuquerque, New Mexico).

�Yes�this book is for individual thinkers. The concept of freedom, breaking it down into forms, gets the mind thinking. I couldn�t put it down.� Tom Patrick , past High School Principal and owner/manager of the Big Band Express (Tucson, Arizona).

�Your work is an eye opening account of a country�losing its edge. Definitely controversial.�John Webster, a past Cleveland morning show radio host and small business owner (Cleveland, Ohio)

�I was impressed with the scope of the book. I think your perspective can be a very useful and important one.� John Bohley , LISW, DPA, (Ohio).

�Your thesis provides a new way of looking at our current polarized political system. It challenges the reader to reexamine his/her own beliefs. Thank you for the opportunity to see the book evolve into a succinct and critical analysis of our current culture.� Guy Melvin , PhD (Columbus, Ohio).

�I read your book three times. I got something different out of it each time. It�s a real mind-bender.� J. Feldman , Retired Carpenter (Illinois)